Roxana's Revolution
  Farin Powell   

The Mother: A Novel

Author: Farin Powell

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After her father’s death, 25-year old Helen Miller needs a fresh start. She finds a job that takes her to Paris. But when her charming new boss, the rich 45-year old Jake Klein, begins dating her, Helen can’t resist falling for him despite the age difference.

Shortly after a fairytale wedding, Helen discovers disturbing news about her husband’s past. Feeling homesick, dealing with a difficult pregnancy and her troubled marriage lead Helen to return to DC. She tries to start a new life with Jake and their daughter Daisy, but finds it impossible to ignore Jake’s infidelity. She divorces him not knowing she cannot escape Jake’s manipulative actions.

Daisy’s illness and an inexplicable turn of events force Helen to ignore Jake and concentrate only on her daughter’s happiness, not knowing that a new love is waiting for her in an unexpected place.




Life is Good: A Book of Poetry

Author: Farin Powell

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Life is Good portrays loss, pain and other life-trauma events with a clear, strong voice. Powell's verse cuts through the veneer and goes straight to the aching heart, yearning at once for healing and redemption. This is a book for those who despite their loss, still want to live and discover the unknown destiny. __Mike Maggio, Vice-President, Poetry Society of Virginia and author of Garden of Rain.

Life is Goodis Farin Powell's poignant emotional and psychological account of death of a loved one and the future challenges. These deep and touching poems are a welcome collection grounded in the affirmation that life goes on even as the pain goes on. __Barry D. Amis, author of Mere Being.

Life is Good is a moving journey through love and loss, punctuated with glances at people and places along the way. __Sally Zakaria, author of The Unknowable Mystery of Other People.

LIFE IS GOOD - A Book of Poetry

Life is Good is a collection of sixty poems divided into four sections. At the beginning, the speaker describes the pain and grief associated with death of a loved one. Although she realizes that life goes on, she sometime feels she has no place to go. Finally, she pays attention to what's going on around her and the lives of others.

Throughout the collection, every now and then, the speaker wonders about the role of God shaping her destiny. Despite the title of each section, every poem tells a story, describes a feeling or reveals an experience.



Author: Farin Powell

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In Powell's (Roxana's Revolution, 2013, etc.) legal thriller, a judge known for administering harsh sentences suffers a punishment of his own.
Shortly after kidnappers grab Judge Walter McNeil in Washington, D.C., he wakes up in a small, windowless room. He suspects that the three men who took him want retribution for his judgments in past trials. Sure enough, they tell him at gunpoint that he must rule favorably on a defense attorney’s motions in an ongoing triple-murder case. The story then introduces the kidnappers—Leroy, Darnell, and Melvin—who all feel that the judge has somehow ruined their lives. They feed him drugs and repeatedly threaten his life and also imply that they have his teenage daughter Daphne, who disappeared four years ago. Before the ordeal is over, one of the kidnappers will die, and McNeil will go on trial for his murder. Attorney Amanda Perkins, formerly of D.C., now works in Colorado, where she finds herself in a unique position to help McNeil, even though the tyrannical judge earned her animosity in the past. Powell opens her novel with a bang, depicting the abduction almost as soon as the narrative begins. The story is impressive in the way it shifts readers’ sympathies; some may empathize with Leroy, for instance, because his mother died while he was incarcerated. However, Leroy’s progressively crueler treatment of the judge eventually reveals McNeil as another kind of victim. The trial, which takes up a large part of the novel, is thoroughly riveting. Powell depicts the examinations and cross-examinations of witnesses almost exclusively in dialogue; as a result, the lawyers’ rapid-fire questions and objections seem like a verbal gunfight. For the most part, Powell treats her characters as McNeil does defendants in his courtroom: those who are guilty of crimes or transgressions eventually get their comeuppance. A gem of a legal thriller, full of plot twists and juicy secrets.


Kirkus Reviews

The Judge, Press Release


Three ex-convicts, whose lives have been ruined by harsh sentences of Judge Walter McNeil, conspire to seek revenge. Out for retribution, they kidnap, and then torture the Judge. The lead kidnapper who was involved in the disappearance of the judge’s daughter four years earlier, also has another plan—to remove the Judge from presiding over the triple murder case where his nephew is a co-defendant. He constructs a plan hoping to get the judge convicted and sent to jail for a long time. This creates a twisted web that connects the lives of both the criminals and the judge himself. Amanda Perkins, a savvy criminal defense attorney and Aristo Manfredi, a crafty detective who has a crush on her team up to unravel the clues and free the Judge.


“Powell opens her novel with a bang, depicting the abduction almost as soon as the narrative begins. The story is impressive in the way it shifts readers’ sympathies…a gem of a legal thriller, full of plot twists and juicy secrets.”
                                                        Kirkus Reviews

"Powell" third novel, a legal thriller, reveals the complexities and tragedies of our criminal justice system. It shows how a series of unexpected events can force a law abiding individual to choose a criminal path. The story in this fast-paced novel will stay with the reader forever.”

                                                      Focus On Women Magazine


Has received Editor's Choice Award

by Farin Powell


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When the media frenzy over the hostage crisis of 1979 worsens and anti-Iranian sentiment surges all over the United States, Roxana, a Wall Street attorney, has no choice but to return to Iran. During a stop in Paris, she reunites with her two childhood friends and meets Steve Radcliff, an American reporter with a tenacious attraction to her. Back in Tehran, where circumstances are nothing less than volatile, Roxana learns that revolutions, while exciting and historic on the pages of a book are painful to endure. As one crisis after other spins out of control, the government imposes the wearing of a mandatory veil. This harsh revolutionary rule and Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Iran diminish Roxana’s hope to have a normal life. She rejects Steve’s marriage proposal and refuses to leave Iran with him. But a near- death experience and loss of her freedom in a border- sealed Iran propel her to enter a marriage doomed from its inception.

In this novel, an Iranian woman’s life comes full circle as she takes a journey through Europe, and back to the United States, where she senses that the ghost of the hostage crisis still lingers. A dire situation leads Roxana back to Paris where a life-altering surprise is waiting for her.

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by Farin Powell                                   


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After she dies and arrives in Heaven, Catherine discovers that life is still a mystery and full of hidden surprises.

Catherine, a florist in San Francisco, and David, a doctor from New York City, both die of a heart attack on the same day in the same hospital. They meet in Heaven, and together befriend an angel named Oliver who occasionally allows them to observe certain events on Earth. Catherine is particularly worried about her daughter, Sarah, a wedding planner who seems to have lost her way. She asks Oliver to let her speak to Sarah in her dreams, hoping that the dreams will end Sarah's mourning.

 Her new friend, David, has his own concerns about his son, Dan. After learning more about Dan, Catherine is convinced that she has found a perfect match for Sarah. Dan lives in New York City and is trying to extricate himself from a broken marriage, but Rachel, his actress wife, won't give him a divorce.

 Catherine and David convince Oliver to arrange for their children to meet. After two failed attempts, Oliver finally succeeds and Sarah and Dan fall in love—but their road to happiness holds many obstacles yet.

 A secret revealed to Catherine shatters her new world in Heaven. Only time will reveal whether there will be a happy ending for Catherine and Sarah.


Two Weddings

A Piece of Heaven
by Farin Powell

Pages: 96
Size: 6x9
ISBN: 978-1-4490-1910-5
Published: Oct-2009

e-book: $3.99

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