Roxana's Revolution
  Farin Powell   
Two Weddings

After Oliver left, Catherine sat on the bench by the lake and gazed into the distance, trying to absorb the shocking news about her husband. Before long she began crying softly. She remembered the many months when she had to run the business and raise her three children alone, because Patrick was in Ireland. She never questioned him about money, and never inspected any business books, tax records, or other documents. He was in charge of the family's finances. She had trusted him. Catherine was sobbing now. She covered her face with both hands, trying to hide the humiliation she felt.

Someone tapped her on the shoulder, and a female voice called her name. She wiped her tears and looked up.

"Hello, Catherine."

"Grandma Suri!"

Catherine stood and threw herself into Suri's open arms. Suri kissed her several times. "My dear child."

"Where have you been all this time?" Catherine asked.

"Waiting for you." 

"Why didn't you come to find me? Didn't you know I was here?"

"We all knew you were here. We were eager and excited to see you, but the time wasn't right."

"That's what Oliver kept saying."

"You had a mission. We had to wait."

"You mean Sarah?"


"You know about Patrick, don't you?"


"Why do I have to go through this pain right after the happiest day of my life?"

"Sometimes you have to go through pain to appreciate happiness."
        "I thought you leave all the painful things behind when you come to Heaven."

 "Nobody promised you wine and red roses here, did they?"

 "No, but I expected a relaxed and peaceful life."

"You'll have that, but right now you are still connected to the other side."

"Couldn't I be spared this horrible information about Patrick?"

"You were spared when you were on the other side. But now the truth has set you free."

 "That's true, but it hurts. When I think of how he deceived me for all those years, it's like a knife slicing through me."

"Would you rather have known this horrible news on the other side?"

"Oh, no. That would have killed me, and it would have ruined my kids' lives. They loved their father."

"My dear child, despite all the ups and downs in your life, you were happy. Weren't you?"

"Yes, I was. But why didn't I feel it when I was on the other side?"

"That's human nature. Sometimes you are given a piece of Heaven on earth and you don't even notice it."

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